Autoimmune Yoga – Path that leads to the solution within you.

Are you living with an autoimmune disease? Interested in a complex, effective, personalized solution that works with your current treatment?

Then this book is for you!


I am Dr. Horváth-Tanka Enikő. I was 29 years old when I received my diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. My son was 2 and a half years old at the time. I thought my life was over.

In 2 years, with regular yoga practice and lifestyle changes, I got myself in better physical and mental condition than when I was a national athlete.

I took several teacher trainings in Hungary and abroad and developed my own system. I have been working with people with autoimmune diseases for 5 years as a yoga teacher and Autoimmune Lifestyle Consultant. The result of all this time, a lot of work and experience together, is now in your hands.

This book gives you the opportunity to learn about my story, my approach and the world of Autoimmune Yoga. With a complex system, pictures, exercises, explanations and self-awareness exercises, I will guide you on a path that will lead you to the solution within you.

Table of contents

What is autoimmune disease?
Finding spiritual causes
Stress relief (correct breathing, proper sleep, relaxation)
Proper movement - Autoimmune Yoga (series of exercises)
Proper nutrition
Positive thinking


a new perspective

A whole new way of looking at yourself and your illness.


Understanding the processes behind autoimmune disease

360 pages of content

360 pages of theoretical and practical content, with detailed explanations and photos


Easy to fit into your everyday life, it’s a practical tool to help you make a real difference.


Self-awareness exercises, yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises


A truly positive, supportive, open community in the form of a closed Facebook group


Guidance, support to find the solution within you.


Quality me-time, meaningful relaxation that you can take with you wherever you go.
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Who do I recommend the book to?

  • For people with autoimmune diseases,
  • family members of people with autoimmune diseases,
  • support professionals who want to see behind the psychological processes of autoimmune diseases.

You may also find the book useful if you are undiagnosed with autoimmune disease, but are under constant stress, have a tendency to be perfectionistic, lack self-confidence and don’t like yourself.

How much is it?

The price includes
1 autographed Autoimmune Yoga book and
Closed Facebook group membership

16,9 EURO

How can I order?

You can order the book online, exclusively through this website.

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